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UNITED Trust for Humanitarian AID
Sponsor a Victim
Your Donation

We've been working with victims, consultants and other charities to establish the better way to utilise your donation and we will continuously develop and update our strategy.
We carefully done the feasibility study and decided to work towards victim with the spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries are irreversible. Most of them could not work for survival. We determine to work towards victims with the spinal cord injuries.

We design the donation in 6 categories you can select and donate, those are on each pages.

  1. Become more independent
  2. Be able to acquire their basic needs and beyond
  3. Be in a position to enable their children to go to school
  4. Empower their families to become independent and self sufficient
  5. Be able to improve the self esteem of the victims and they in turn become more valuable to their community
  6. Eventually lead a better life
When we complete these projects to the paraplegic victim we will extend to other kind of victims

How we spend our funds

We aim to work to all of your donation would straight away go to the victims subject to 10% admin and transfer charge.
Members of board of management will always try to minimise the administrative expenses
For a detailed breakdown of UTHA’s income and expenditure, you will get UTHA’s Account reports.

Being responsible and trustworthy

We're accountable to the victim and their families we work with, and to the sponsors and donors who make that work possible.

It's very important to us that our finances are clear and honest, so we use internal and external auditors to monitor our finances and management. This includes establish the team for evaluating all our projects at the beginning, middle and end to see how successfully they've met victim’s needs and empower them.

We're also one of the few organisations to publish combined worldwide financial statements detailing our fundraising and spending.