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UNITED Trust for Humanitarian AID
What You Can Do
What You Can Do

Fundraise for us
Fundraising for UTHA is a great way to make a difference to the lives of victims and their families . It's also fun, great for meeting people and for challenging yourself.

To chat through your ideas, contact the team on 07774913449 or

Be an Activist
UTHA welcomes all the charity minded people to Join UTHA as a champion to achieve the targets

You can be the part of our campaign to make awareness about the fate of the victim in Sri lanka. You can use your potentials

If you are a charity or Charity Minded Organisation,
We love to hear and share the experiences from you. We are happy to share the Data with you. You can choose the beneficiaries and help them directly.

Please note UTHA will not work with any political organisations as a matter of policy.